Oslo: Mathallen!

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Let’s face it, winter in Oslo is chilly! The days are short but, they’re often sunny. On crisp, clear days you’ll love walking Oslo, just don’t forget your thermals.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
Overlooking Oslo Harbour.

Start in central Oslo and check out the 5 things we love at Oslo Harbour or wander the streets warming up in Museums or check out the Palace. If staying put and sampling local produce is more enticing, then let’s head to Mathallen.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
Views to the Palace along Karl Johan’s Gate.

Located on the Akerselva (Aker River) at Vulkan 5, Mathallen resides where Vulkan Iron originally forged cast iron bridge components. The redevelopment has stayed true to the original site while introducing contemporary features.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
Mathallen is the redeveloped site of Vulkan Iron.

The inspiration for Mathallen (mat = food & hallen = hall in Norwegian) came from Barcelona’s Mercat Santa Caterina, London’s Borough Market, Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Östermalms and Gamla Saluhallen in Stockholm and Helsinki respectively. All markets bringing local produce together in one location.

#getting there

From Central Train Station, the bus station is 5 minutes walk. Take bus 54 to Mølerveien and Mathallen is 100m away.

Care to walk? It’s only 20 minutes. Take the easy route from Central Station to Karl Johan Strass, turn north-ish onto Møllegarta and follow it to the front door.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
Inside Mathallen.


With 30 odd stalls at Mathallen, it can be a little daunting so here are a few recommendations we think might get you started.

Hitchhiker serves street food from around the world. Paired with natural wines, bottled beers and cocktails, their Menu of the Day is the place to start. Vietnamese Cold Rolls are enormous and Char Siu Bao has us pining for our old China days. Go easy, serves are generous and staff are engaging but there’s much to cover.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
To Die For Char Siu Bao @ Hitchhiker, Mathallen.

Meet José Alberto Hernāndez Gonzālez (phew!) at Barramon Pintxos and Wine Bar. An import from Barcelona, José guides you through delectable daily pintxos. Pintxos are Spain’s Basque region’s tapas, generally served on bread held together by a skewer. Barramon’s coloured skewers indicate the pintxos price. Spanish Wines, Sherries, Pintxos and José’s hospitality make Barramon hard to resist.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
The moreish pintxos @ Barramon Pintxos & Wine Bar, Mathallen.

Prop at the bar and watch your seafood prepared in the tiny kitchen at Vulkanfisk. Passionate for our oceans’ treasures, suppliers deliver only the best daily. Crab, Mussels, Fish Soup, grilled fish, shrimps, it’s all here, but oh those oysters! Today’s recommendation: Tsarsakaya, fat, rich and full of flavour.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
Tsarsarkaya Oysters @ Vulkanfisk. Mathallen.


With 200 beers to choose from, make yourself comfortable at Hopyard. Infused with Yuzu and lime, Beavertown Brewery‘s Yuzilla Phantom is a tart, clean, malted wheat beer to get started on.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
Beavertown Yuzilla Phantom & Kolonihagen IPA @ Hopyard, Mathallen.

From Oslo, Kolonihagen Brewery (just down the road) serve up a Cascade IPA with floral notes and summer fruits while Lervig Walnut Porter and Cervisiam Satanic Panic are a little more on the substantial side.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
Walnut Porter & Satanic Panic @ Hopyard, Mathallen.

If you’re game, Sink the Bismarck! Scotland’s Brewdog Brewery create this, the world’s highest alcohol content beer. 4 times the hops, 4 times the bitterness and frozen 4 times to create a staggering 41% ABV, Sink the Bismarck is intended to be savoured.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
41% ABV. Enough said. Sink the Bismarck @ Hopyard

River views from Champagneria Bodega make it a perfect spot to indulge in fizz. Imports from France and Spain along with local Norweigan products make up their tapas and drinks menus.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
Chamagneria Bodega upstairs & Smelteverket downstairs. Mathallen.

Cavernous and chock full, Smelteverket also has river views. A gastropub serving a substantial menu, bar snacks and your libations of choice from their 50-metre long bar.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
Inside Smelteverket, Mathallen. We’re not sure how many drinks are required to follow the directions.


Find some of Norway’s finest chefs and sommeliers conducting cookery and wine classes at Kulinarsk Akademi. 3 kitchens enable multiple classes and the space doubles as a 200 guest event venue. Product launches, music releases and fashion shows are held at Kulinarsk Akademi.

Solberg & Hansen’s coffee and tea concept store serve a good cuppa, stock a quality range of beans and leaves and offer classes in brewing techniques.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
Solberg & Hansen, Tea & Coffee aficionados @ Mathallen.


Buy straight-from-the-oven goodies at French Bakery, all your smallgood needs at  Gutta på Haugen, divine chocolate from Sebastian Bruno and get your cheese on at Ysteriet by george.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
Cheeeese @ Ysteriet by george, Mathallen.

Sous Vide is the pièce de résistance. A kitchenware store ranging everything you could possibly need to sous vide and more. Texturas products by Albert and Ferran Adria for molecular gastronomy, pressure cookers, smoking cabinets, ice machines, sausage machines, BBQs, mandolins, knives, pots, pans and cookbooks. It’s kitchen heaven.

Mathallen. Oslo. Norway.
Kitchen heaven. Sous Vide, Mathallen.


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Mathallen is a foodie’s paradise filled with so many things we love….

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